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Paul Canoville

Black and Blue

The Paul Canoville Story

Drama Pack: Black and Blue, The Paul Canoville Story

Author: Peter Daniel.
Original Research : Paul Canoville
Illustrations: Ted Smith-Orr
Design: Camilla Bergman

In association with City of Westminster Archives and Chelsea Football Club

Chelsea FCs first black footballer and his battle to overcome his own clubís fansí
racial prejudice and the demons of drink, drug addiction and cancer.




Paul CanovillePaul takes his sister to watch him play          
football instead of taking piano lessons.















Chelsea fans have to leave their boots behind
before being allowed into the ground.Paul is abused by his own 'fans' on his debut.

































Mickey Droy, other players and manager console PaulPaul, and his family, in hospital, watch Roberto Di Mateo score the winning goal
for Chelsea.


















The mind of a racist.  (Illustration not used)



















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