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Crossing White Line


The Walter Tull Story

KS2 Activity Pack. Crossing the White Line

Author: Peter Daniel.
Phil Vasili.
Illustrations: Ted Smith-Orr.
Design: Camilla Bergman.

In association with, City of Westminster Archives; Heritage, Lottery Fund; Professional Footballers’ Association; Central Hall; National Army Museum.

The story of the orphaned boy from Folkestone in Kent, who became a footballer with Clapton Orient, Tottenham Hotspur and Northampton Town FCs.  On the out-break of WW1 he Joined the Football Battalion, quickly promoted to sergeant and against all regulations to become the first coloured commissioned officer- Lieutenant- in the British Army.  Died under fire leading his men and recommended for the Military Cross, which is still being sought.


Walter and his brother Edward are told
  they have to live in an orphanage in
  Bethnal Green in 
  London’s East End.Clara asks Dr Stephenson about London and the 
boys question the girl who brought in the tea.
























Walter’s brothers, Edward and William look on as a Clapton
  Orient fan congratulates him, while a cynical fan disapproves.Tottenham’s trainer and Captain inspire Walter
  before his first team debut.


























Herbert Chapman oversees Walter signing
  for Northampton Town FC.

























Reading a ‘Dear John’ in the trenches (unpublished)Going ‘over the top’ (unpublished)



























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