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A Century Apart

A Century Apart

Author: Peter Daniel
Illustrations: Ted Smith-Orr
Design: Camilla Webb

Two stories in verse; the lives of Arthur Wharton 1866- 1930 and Paul Elliott MBE. 1964 to date.

Arthur Wharton is attributed as the first black professional footballer in the English Football League.

How the all-round champion sportsman became the first athlete to run the 100 Yards Dash in 10 seconds. A cycling and cricket champion who became the goalkeeper for the Preston NE ‘Invisibles’. Given a pub and ended as a Miner.

Largely forgotten until Phil Vasily restored his life story and a wonderful Headstone for his neglected grave.









ARTHUR WHARTON: Prince of Goalkeepers

Arthur’s image reflecting through the AAA’s
Trophy showing the shield and colours of
Darlington FC and a banner depicting his football
clubs and other credits, all in a cigarette card,
which were popular with collectors.


















ArthurArthur breaks   
the Preston to   
cycling recordArthur would spring from his goal
  and punch the ball away.



















Arthur would catch the ball between his legs.Arthur lost his place at Preston   
 to Fatty Foulkes.

















Arthur became a Landlord.After being a publican Arthur became a miner.
























In 2003 Paul was awarded an MBE
and for 20 years he has been a leading light
with anti racism campaigns.

Here Paul is depicted as, possibly,
the first
Black Super Hero.


















Young Paul Elliott


















Football hooligansRangers and Celtic fans fight over each
others' black players, Walters and Elliot



















Paul eats a banana
  thrown by a
  bigot in
  crowd.Paul had to mark Maradona
























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